Yorkie missing for 4 years set to return to owners in Virginia

Four years ago, and about 1,400 miles away from Kingwood, a teacup Yorkie slipped out of an open door into an unfamiliar world. Her owner has yet to see her since that day.

She soon will.

Coco vanished in 2013 from the home of Carlos Valdes's mother.

"She was a Mother's Day gift to my mom, and she meant the world to her," he said from Virginia Beach, Virginia. "We put up posters and desperately looked for her for more than a year."

Fast forward to last Friday on FM 494 in Kingwood. In the middle of traffic, a woman saw the four-pound terrier, and plucked her from almost certain death.

She was given to a rescuer from Twyla's Friends, who took the tiny dog to Glade Water Veterinary Clinic, where it was scanned for a microchip. After several phone calls, the information revealed the Yorkie was registered in Virginia Beach.

"If she could talk, she could tell a real story," said Maria Langford, of Twyla's Friends. "Instead, the microchip did it for her."

Her name is Coco, said Valdes. "I believe someone found her and couldn't let her go. I guess they moved to Texas, and took her with them."

Coco apparently was lost again, but that will lead to a long-awaited reunion with her original owner. Langford's husband kindly donated airline miles to fly a friend from Virginia to Houston. She will carry Coco with her back to Virginia, where she'll be turned over to the Valdes family.

"It should remind every pet owner to have their animal micro-chipped, and then register the pet with the microchip company," she said. Without the registration, there would have been no way to contact Coco's owner."

The timing for the reunion is near-perfect as well. Mother's Day is coming up, and Mrs. Valdes will have her gift, on four tiny legs, safely home.

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Little Yorkie Puppy Tries To Show His Barking Skills. The Result Is The CUTEST!

As a normal and natural instinct, most animals try to appear as if they were bigger when they feel threatened, either by raising their backs, wings, or tails; or by barking and screaming very loudly. Even if the animal itself is a tiny little thing, they are able to intimidate animals much bigger than them just with these defensive tricks with their bodies.

The puppies in the following video are a whole different case, however. Their barks and bites are far too small to intimidate anybody right now, but that will never stop them from trying as hard as they can to scare everyone with their might. They’re just 3 weeks old, so naturally, they can’t scare anybody yet, but give them a couple of years and check again! I’m sure no one will be laughing by them. If only they could stay this cute forever!

After a large group of Guinea Hens invaded the neighborhood, the whole bunch of puppies start losing their minds. They do whatever they can to appear as the tough and intimidating dogs that they wish they were, but they only come off as adorably little fluff balls that you want to cuddle all day!

Watch this adorable group of puppies in the following video, you’re going to fall in love with them. Don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook!



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Woman offers $4K reward for yorkie missing

A woman is offering $4,000 for the return of her dog. The woman, Kelly Ferreira, knows the importance of finding lost dogs quickly because she works with the county shelter taking care of rescue dogs.

Ferriera's work with local shelters has prompted the rescue community to raise money for a reward for the dog's safe return. 

The reward has reached $4,000. The dog was in the care of a friend of Ferreira when she went missing.

The dog is a 6 pound Yorkie named Stormy who is blind in one eye. She is microchipped but was not wearing her collar and identification at the time of her disappearance.

Stormy was last seen near 102nd Avenue and Southern. Anyone with information is asked to email

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Man charged with beating Yorkie to death, cops say

Miami Beach police announced the arrest of a man who detectives believe beat a Yorkshire terrier and left it for dead in a Publix parking garage in South Beach.

Man charged with beating Yorkie to death, cops say

Sigman Hernandez was arrested Wednesday afternoon and charged with animal cruelty with intent to injure or kill, according to police. The 8-pound dog was found next to a concrete column in the garage at 1920 West Ave.

Officers took the dog, later named Lily, to Doral Centre Animal Hospital. She had at least seven broken ribs and showed signs of strangulation, police said. The dog died from her injuries two days after being brought to the animal hospital.

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3 Amazing Ways To Honor A Yorkie Who Passed Away

Saying goodbye to someone you love is one of the hardest things that you will ever deal with in life. And that’s not just for humans, but also for our furry family members. Losing a yorkie many times leaves an irreplaceable hole in our heart, regardless of all the memories that you have of times cherished together. But thankfully there are ways to commemorate, and even honor our best friends. Above all, it’s important to remember them for who they were and the endless joy and love they brought to our lives.

Here are 3 amazing ways you can remember and honor your beloved yorkie who passed away:

1. Journal About The Happy Times:

All deaths are tragic, whether it’s sudden or after a long life lived. It’s important once your dog has passed away that you think about the happy times the two of you had together, and focus your mindset on that. It’s only fair to yourself that you keep yourself positive, give yourself time to deal with the loss, and preserve their memory in the way that they deserve. Talk about your dog with others, write down happy memories the two of you shared, and of course, keep the photos out that capture the moments in time the two of you had.

2. Plant A Tree in Their Honor

Many people think to give donations in their dog’s honor or perhaps even get some permanent ink, but planting a tree in their honor is also a nice way to let their legacy live on for years to come. Pick a nice spot in your yard and plant a young tree, and as the years pass, you’ll be able to watch that beautiful tree grow big and strong. Each day that passes you’ll have a living legacy that you can always look to when you want to be reminded of your special friend.

3. Memorial Bracelet That Feeds

We (the team at created this so that we could honor our pup’s memory and make a real impact in their name. This fashion-forward bracelet serves as a memory of the dog you loved and helps feed 22 shelter dogs who are waiting to be loved.

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When a dog crosses over the Rainbow Bridge, they always take a piece of your heart with them. We crafted a unique and symbolic bracelet that memorializes the relationship you have with a dog who has passed on. Each piece features the following elements, all designed to honor the memory of your beloved pup:

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Infernal Nasus Corgi

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